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Hey! I’m Jess Gilbreath.

Through my education as a holistic nutritionist and my personal health and cheffing experience, I created Rune Haus as a platform that paves the way to optimal health by helping you navigate the many roads to balanced, lasting wellness.

At Rune Haus, individuals have access to personalized nutrition counseling and meal planning with yours truly. I believe that healthful cooking can be vibrant, creative and wildly satisfying. I’m big into color, flavor and nutrients; not so big into rules. Peep the Rune Haus Pharmacy to see what I mean.

I also love to help connect brands, and companies to their consumers through workshops, recipe development, beautiful imagery and content writing.

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Nutritional Counseling + Cooking Classes

We’ll work together to dig deep into your personal experiences and build a sustainable shift. I’m a firm believer that food is neither good or bad and health is a deeply personal journey. My 3-week program is founded on the bedrock of intuitive eating, radical self-care, and trusting the innate healing capacity of our bodies and mother nature's wisdom.

Group Workshops

I offer presentations, cooking demos, and customized health & well-being education. I’m available for small or large groups in public or private settings - from corporate offices to parks, or parties. Branded partnerships and collaborations are welcome, too!

Recipe Development

Beyond media, I also develop delicious and approachable recipes that align with your brand, product or individual taste. These recipes are often used on websites, social media, packaging and in daily life. Recipes are tested thoroughly, edited, and ready to go with or without photography.

Content Creation/ Photography

A core pillar of Rune Haus is creating content for brands, companies, farms, and influencers to help them connect to their consumer. I inspire to tell the story around food, be it a family farm, an inspirational chef, delicious product, or a weeknight dinner recipe.

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Work With Me

If you're an individual looking for health help, a brand interested in collaborating, or a wellness company seeking fresh recipes or photographs, please be in touch.

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