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Spring Mason Jar Salad

I recently started a new position in an office (oh, hi 9-5) and on my first day I happily lugged a 15 pound tote of snacks up two flights of stairs.  I’m super jazzed about my new job, but my snack drawer enthusiasm might rival it. My desk has all the fixin’s of a properly fueled work day: nut butters, toasted seeds, dark chocolate bars, crispy chickpeas and, of course, finishing salt.  I also brought a set of beautiful ceramics and flatware to remind me to enjoy my break and be mindful when eating (which I highly recommend).  

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Brown Buttered Rice Stuffed Squash

I created this recipe back in winter when I was craving all the hearty, warming foods. I’ve been dying to share it with you! It’s one of those versatile recipes that can flow with the seasons. Swamp out acorn squash for a pumpkin or summer squash, use quinoa instead of rice, or add handfuls of thyme, parsley or rosemary to the browned butter mixture. You can even make it vegan by skipping the browning step and using olive oil. The possibilities are endless and the flavor is explosive.

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Rainbow Trout with Miso Cauliflower + Roasted Vegetables

Nutrient-dense meals are always on my radar, especially ones that come together in under 30 minutes and this one is particularly cozy.  I was initially inspired by the earthy flavors of winter vegetables that contrast with the bright acidity and sweetness of oranges. It’s just a perk that also happens to be packed with seasonal goodies that balance out the winter blues.

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