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Nettles 101

Nettle is the quintessential nourishing herb that has gained a reputation for being the need-to-have plant in your pantry.  And the buzz around nettle is for good reason. Nettle is basically the Beyonce of the herb world, aka flawless. Nettle is highly alkalizing and nutrient dense, it restores vitality and supports the entire body.

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Layered Omega Smoothie Bowl

I’ve perfected this specific smoothie bowl over the last few days, it’s the best combination of quick and filling and provides me with a long lasting source of clean energy.  I like to layer the bowl (or smoothie if I’m on the go) to give it some depth and diversity but the ingredients can just as easily be thrown in all at once for those on a super time crunch. I’ve done it and it’s still just as tasty.

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