The Founder of Rune Haus' Food Story

Before we get started, I want to say that this is a very surface level, linear version of my food story.  As with all of us, the story surrounding my relationship with food is full of deep groves and sharp turns.  I spent a lot of my childhood in foster care, going back and forth between relatives and strangers, learning food and habits in a different homes every year. Yet, I recognize the privilege I still have as white woman raised in a developed country.  I created Rune Haus to be totally inclusive and attainable for everyone, so please know that if your story is similar or vastly the opposite of mine, you are welcome here.  Here we go!

jessica gilbreath nutritionist portland oregon

I grew up in the age of Google. Google was released to the public in 2004 (I know because I Googled it). I was 12, the perfect age to be on Google all the time.  After school, I would walk home to my Grandma’s and sit at her desktop PC in the kitchen for hours, Googling food.  Weird for a 12-year-old, I know, but it was the beginning of a love affair (see: obsession). Part of me thinks I was in search for something besides the Southern fare of my upbringing, but who knows.

My favorite food was canned spinach, which my Mom refused to buy because she didn’t like vegetables (don’t judge, it’s a Southern thing…maybe) and all I wanted was something else, so my compulsion to learn and experiment with food grew. I started making smoothies out of anything I could find in the pantry; my first smoothie consisted of a whole unpeeled orange, a banana, whole milk and like a cup of sugar. It was pretty bad, as you can imagine, but my Grandpa drank the entire thing, bless his heart.

When I was 14 I discovered the Master Cleanse and of course...tried it on myself; I lugged six plastic water bottles full of lemon water, maple syrup, cayenne pepper in my backpack for an entire week of high school.  I was a very dedicated and strange child. Thankfully, things eventually became more tailored: green juices, spinach salads, and actually decent smoothies but my insatiable want of knowledge around food didn’t change.  

During undergrad, I majored Journalism, but every whisper of an unknown herb, new diet trend or nutritional study pulled me into the research rabbit hole and had me crawling out, curious for more.  I wanted more sustenance than the food bloggers, and celebrity dietitians could offer.  I needed to know the "why" behind the health claims, the biomechanics of each phytochemical in the plant that was apparently so good for you, and how was I supposed to make all of these changes on $20 a week?

Slowly, I navigated through the useful information and the annoying trends.  Eventually, enough people were asking me: ‘what is your health routine?’, ‘why is your skin so glowy?’, ‘what the hell is in your lunch?’, ‘that smoothie looks very bizarre, what are you drinking? And I realized that everyone else was curious and cautious around this topic as well.  

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I became inspired to learn as much as possible about food, nutrition, and how they relate to the human experience. I spent a month in southern Indian studying Ayurvedic food philosophies and yoga. When I got back to the states, I packed up my life and moved to the big city of naturopaths and holistic health, Portland, OR, to complete my Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition. 

Now, I aim to translate my learning, experiments and experience into information that we all can use to be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled.  Through education, beautiful imagery and delicious recipes, I aim to share nature's wisdom as widely and gracefully as possible.