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Cultured Cashew Yogurt With Cinnamon-Pear Compote

Beneficial gut bacteria can be supported by adding probiotic-rich foods into our diets. Examples of this are cultured yogurts, kimchi, kombucha, miso and other fermented foods, including this vegan cultured cashew yogurt with cinnamon, pear compote! Letting the yogurt, which is as easy as a smoothie, ferment for 12-24 hours gives it a delicious tang and lots of belly beneficial bacteria.

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Pumpkin Turmeric Miso Soup with Roasted Chanterelles

All seasons come with attached memories and emotions from years before, but for many of us, Autumn is especially magical. It is following mother nature’s recommendation of letting go, accepting change and settling in.  The transition calls for sweaters, corn mazes, stacks of new books and, of course, soups.

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