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Spring Mason Jar Salad

I recently started a new position in an office (oh, hi 9-5) and on my first day I happily lugged a 15 pound tote of snacks up two flights of stairs.  I’m super jazzed about my new job, but my snack drawer enthusiasm might rival it. My desk has all the fixin’s of a properly fueled work day: nut butters, toasted seeds, dark chocolate bars, crispy chickpeas and, of course, finishing salt.  I also brought a set of beautiful ceramics and flatware to remind me to enjoy my break and be mindful when eating (which I highly recommend).  

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Cultured Cashew Yogurt With Cinnamon-Pear Compote

Beneficial gut bacteria can be supported by adding probiotic-rich foods into our diets. Examples of this are cultured yogurts, kimchi, kombucha, miso and other fermented foods, including this vegan cultured cashew yogurt with cinnamon, pear compote! Letting the yogurt, which is as easy as a smoothie, ferment for 12-24 hours gives it a delicious tang and lots of belly beneficial bacteria.

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